Risk Takers is a Dungeons & Dragons Online permadeath guild adventuring in the Cannith server. There are several reasons why we are willing to play PD in a game where doing so would limit our builds, performance, and quest selections. The big one is challenge. The way the game is right now, 70% of the content is trivialized by a combination of readily available buffs and powercreep.


Another reason is a sense of accomplishment that can be achieved in a reasonable timeframe. There is no doubt that reaching triple completionist is an impressive feat that requires a great amount of patience. However, many of the people who play PD do not want to wait months, or over a year possibly, for this gratification. As a result, we make every level meaningful to provide that sense of accomplishment.


A change of pace is another topic that players interested in PD ask about. Oftentimes these people complain about lacking party contribution or not having the luxury of enjoying the scenery due to zerging. Our rules make it unfeasible to survive attempts to rush through quests. If you want to enjoy a slower pace of questing, then PD is definitely one way to do this.


This is a social game, and the rules we have in place reinforce that notion; you will be hard-pressed to survive alone. We encourage party play and heavy coordination much like in tabletop. The general attitude of players in a PD guild are generally relatively more cooperative, whether it is caused by the rules or the player’s natural tendencies.


PD requires plenty of thought in regards to building toons, coordinating between players, and executing complex combinations of skills. Strategy and tactics are greatly encouraged in PD, so if you are into finding ways to pull off awesome maneuvers, then look no further.


We are survivors. In a playstyle where the affluence that a normal player has is stripped away from us, every item we acquire is worth something. If prioritizing abilities is something that you aren’t used to, it will grow on you very quickly. Making every pot count provides a dynamic that cannot be captured by the game’s default rules.


So if you are interested in challenging yourself and overcoming insurmountable odds, if you desire a more social, steady-yet-exhilarating crawl, if you want to make every moment of your character’s adventures count, then you’ve come to the right place. And I welcome you with open arms.